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Sunday, September 4 2022

This Minecraft Build is Fully Functional Wordle

Someone has created an Minecraft version of Wordle and Wordle, which is an astounding feat when you think about it. Wordle has been a major element of the morning routines of many for the past year so it was only natural that someone would attempt to build it in Minecraft. It is amazing to see the amount of work that went into programming this kind of program.

Reddit user, urgle_gurgle, an impressive name, has not only created an operational Wordle in Minecraft but also explained how it was created and uploaded it to Curseforge. You can download it and have try it yourself.

While we often see amazing creations in Minecraft, the expertise and ability required to create this one stands out. Urgle_gurgle explains how they used word checking using "a number of maths that assigns all words to an uniqe number (in base26) and this will be stored in an execute if score command using a python script".

The other major challenge is the need for a daily word. While the idea is easy to grasp, it's not as easy for a computer, especially not one you have to connect to an hourly timezone. Again, the redditor found a way, like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. They came up with a brand new word that is available every time you play again to make it all work.

I created an entirely functional wordle using vanilla minecraft. from Minecraft

It's difficult to get your head around this if you don't program, but we appreciate it either way. Theoretically, you can just hop in quickly to play a game of Wordle every time you can and this Minecraft version could be more fun than the actual Wordle.

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